Application of laser cutting machine in shipbuilding industry

July 27, 2021

Latest company news about Application of laser cutting machine in shipbuilding industry

The continuous development of shipbuilding technology has led to significant changes in shipbuilding materials and ship design.Laser cutting machine in the application of ship manufacturing has its uniqueness, which is closely related to the processing and application characteristics of the ship itself, laser cutting machine unique high precision and plasticity and shipbuilding industry is highly consistent.So, what are the specific applications of laser cutting machine in shipbuilding?
In recent years, "precision shipbuilding" and "rapid shipbuilding" has become the main trend of the development of shipbuilding industry, laser cutting machine technology has been rapidly developed, occupying more than 70% of the entire laser processing industry.The shipbuilding industry is mainly based on steel plate raw materials, using laser cutting plate, compared with the previous punch processing technology, greatly shorten the production cycle and reduce the cost.After the use of laser cutting machine to cancel the assembly allowance, the phenomenon of on-site repair and cutting is eliminated, and the waste of labor and materials is reduced. The frame assembly speed is significantly accelerated, and the assembly quality is significantly improved.
At present, the main cutting methods of hull plate parts in shipbuilding industry are flame cutting, plasma cutting, shear bending and laser cutting.The previous several relative to laser cutting has many shortcomings.In the field of ship manufacturing, laser cutting to avoid plasma plate cutting, in order to ensure the assembly gap, and set the cutting allowance on the plate, and through manual cutting, resulting in uneven cutting quality.Thus reduce the workload of assembly, assembly cycle, material and labor cost waste.
The ship steel plate cut by laser has good slotting quality, good vertical cutting surface, no hanging slag, thin oxide layer, smooth surface, no need for secondary processing, and can be directly welded, and small thermal deformation, high curve cutting accuracy, reduce the working time, and achieve frictionless cutting of high strength ship plate.Laser cutting machine will be applied in more shipbuilding enterprises in the future, and high power laser cutting machine is also the trend of the future.At present, bond laser 20000W sales has exceeded 20, far ahead of other manufacturers in the market.