How to choose engraving machine

June 29, 2021

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A, engraving machine classification:

From the functional point of view, computer engraving machine is divided into two categories: small power engraving machine and high power engraving machine.

Low power engraving machine refers to the engraving machine with small power of engraving motor (generally 800-1500W). Because of its small power of engraving motor, it can only be applied to the fine processing with less cutting surface each time.For example: breastplate, sand table model, handicraft surface processing and so on.This kind of engraving machine can not carry out high-power engraving and cutting.

High power engraving machine refers to the engraving machine whose motor power is above 3000W.This kind of engraving machine can not only carry out small power engraving, but also can carry out high power engraving.

For example: the production of crystal words, all kinds of advertising signs, irregular plate blanking molding, artificial stone processing, etc.Because of its high power, it can cut off 30mm thick plexiglass or use a forming knife for high-power forming and engraving.Some users do not know the engraving machine has high power and small power points, after seeing the demonstration of high power engraving machine, because of investment difficulties, bought a slightly lower price of small power engraving machine.Results can only engraving each less than two yuan breastplate (some areas only a few cents), for the plexiglass signs such as high-power engraving can only see others to do.

The same investment, the same marketing costs, the same operation and other staff wages, but there are 80% of the carving business can not be done, not only reduce their benefits, but also in a very unfavorable position in the peer competition.This point in the choice of engraving machine, we must pay attention to.If you are in this industry, be sure to buy a high-power engraving machine.


Two, engraving machine brand:

The production technology of engraving machine is much more complicated than that of cutting plotter, and there are many differences between engraving machine and cutting plotter, which is the reason why many cutting plotter manufacturers have been developing engraving machine for a long time and have not launched products.Engraving machine requires fine, stable, once there is instability will cause serious waste of materials.Therefore, to buy the products of powerful manufacturers can reduce waste and the possibility of loss caused by machine failure.


Three, carefully observe the operation demonstration of engraving machine:

The engraving of small characters can be seen the accuracy of the engraving machine, and the high-power engraving can be seen the application of the engraving machine.If the precision of the engraving machine is very poor, then the edge of the high-power engraving will be rough;If the more serious resonance (vibration) occurs when high-power engraving, the accuracy of the engraving machine will be greatly reduced.If the engraving machine can not be high-power engraving, then the scope of application of the engraving machine will be greatly reduced.So according to the engraving machine demonstration to determine the scope of application of the engraving machine, that is, the scope of your engraving business.The scope of application of engraving machine directly determines whether it can bring you economic benefits.


Four, the application of engraving machine supplies and software:

Engraving machine supplies should be very low, the general engraving machine should be able to apply ordinary lathe processing tools, the price is only more than ten yuan.But some engraving machines are all used for special cutting tools, greatly improving the cost of consumables.The application of software is also very important.Some brands of engraving machine software function is not complete, the engraving machine can not use other software.Some other brands of engraving machine can be applied to a variety of common software, as long as there is new software or a software has a new function upgrade, these new technology can immediately give you to create benefits.