Summer cutting machine properly maintained, longer life!

July 20, 2021

Latest company news about Summer cutting machine properly maintained, longer life!

In the summer, the temperature rises everywhere, many laser equipment in the use of the process will appear heating phenomenon, resulting in some failures. So in order to avoid the use of laser cutting machine in the summer failure, we must pay attention to the maintenance and repair of laser cutting machine.

01 Avoid dew

The beginning of summer in May represents the arrival of summer is coming, the temperature increased significantly, heavy moisture, frequent rainfall and humid environment, it is easy to lead to laser internal condensation, laser condensation prevention is the focus of laser maintenance, do not let this small detail destroyed your laser.

The laser and the cutting head are controlled by separate water cooling. It is recommended that users set the temperature of the low temperature water of the laser one way to about 26 degrees, and the water temperature of the cutting head and the fiber one way to about 30 degrees (depending on the temperature and humidity values), and strictly abide by the sequence of switching machine in summer.

Warm Tips:

Hot and humid weather will make the laser power supply and various parts of the laser equipment wet or condensation, resulting in a variety of failures, which seriously affect the normal production of users. Failure caused by improper maintenance for the above reasons does not belong to the scope of normal warranty.

02 Maintain cooling system and cooling water

Summer temperature rise, laser cutting machine cooling system working pressure increases, it is recommended to check and maintain the internal pressure of the cooling machine fluorine pressure before the high temperature, summer due to the high temperature, the deterioration rate of cooling water will speed up, it is suggested that customers friends use regular distilled water or deionized water, Clean the scale of the water tank regularly and replace the water and the filter element (it is recommended that the replacement period should not exceed 15 days in summer), so as not to cause the scale attached in the laser and pipeline to affect the cooling water flow and cause high temperature alarm. The method of cleaning the scale should be operated under professional guidance.

03 Guide rail maintenance

The guide rail should be cleaned regularly to remove dust and other sundries and ensure that the transmission part of the equipment is lubricated and free of sundries. Regular cleaning and lubricating oil can ensure the precise positioning of the machine in progress to achieve more accurate cutting and improve the quality of products.

04 Control cabinet maintenance

Because the dust of laser cutting machine is mainly metal powder, it is recommended to clean the dust in the electrical cabinet of laser cutting machine and check the working condition of cooling fan regularly.

05 Fan Cleaning

The use of the fan in the machine for a long time, will make the fan inside the accumulation of a lot of solid dust, let the fan produce a lot of noise, is not conducive to exhaust and odor removal. When the fan suction is insufficient and the smoke is not smooth, the fan is to be cleaned.