Thanks Singapore customer for ordering again

December 21, 2021

Latest company news about Thanks Singapore customer for ordering again

"This year we placed a one-off order for another six Honest Laser cutting units, which are expected to arrive in March. In addition, we also look for a larger production base, all laser cutting equipment unified management, scientific scheduling, in order to save production costs and management costs. We hope to serve each customer with faster delivery speed and win a larger share of the market."

Honest Laser has bought 15 laser cutting equipment in Singapore so far, diversifying into more than a dozen industries including medical equipment, kitchen and bathroom products, home appliances, auto parts and 5G equipment parts.

Honest Laser's development strategy is to create professional, fast and efficient service. Honest Laser will always work with customers and thousands of users around the world with high-quality products and efficient service, and witness more excellent enterprises along the way.