What are the problems that laser cutting machines often encounter when cutting thick plates

November 9, 2021

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Laser cutting is mainly in the form of heat conduction. It can also cut through thick plates in the actual cutting process, but the greater the thickness, the greater the heat loss, which leads to a reduction in cutting speed and affects processing efficiency.
1: There are many dross at the bottom of the cutting section. The formation of dross is due to the lower average cutting temperature at the bottom of the cutting, and also because of the large energy loss. In this case, the quality of the cut is usually not high.
2: Fiber laser has a small spot diameter and a limited depth of focus. Although the fiber laser cutting machine can maintain a high laser power density in the cutting depth, the small beam diameter and the small slit are not conducive to cutting and slagging. This puts forward higher requirements for the collimation method and collimation range of the fiber laser speckle beam scattering, and also brings difficulties to the processing quality of cutting medium and thick metal sheets.
3: The influence and influence of the quality and pressure of the auxiliary gas. Oxygen plays an important role in fiber laser cutting of carbon steel medium and thick plates. Laser irradiation forms small holes on the surface of the workpiece. When the laser beam moves along the cutting direction, there is oxidized melt around the hole and slit. The purity and pressure of oxygen have a great influence on laser cutting. The oxygen with a lot of impurities and unsuitable pressure can not provide enough energy to the bottom of the cutting, forming a melt with high fluidity, reducing the cutting quality and cutting speed.
By measuring the quality and pressure of the auxiliary gas at different slit positions, it is found that the narrower the slit, the worse the effect of the auxiliary gas, and the more difficult it is to maintain the cutting quality. Therefore, it is very important to ensure proper slit width, auxiliary gas quality and pressure control of cutting quality. The difference in geometry reduces the cutting quality at the inflection point. When laser cutting thick plates, the melting forward angle will become prominent, which will cause the laser absorption coefficient of the material to decrease, so as to ensure the cutting quality by increasing the cutting power and reducing the cutting speed.
Laser cutting machine will be more widely used in the cutting field with its high point conversion, high cutting precision, flexible processing ability, good cutting quality and self-adaptive performance.