3M Rotation Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 2000W IPG Laser Source

3M Rotation Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 2000W IPG Laser Source

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Honest
Certification: CE ISO
Model Number: HN-2040

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: $23000 / Set-$40000 / Set
Packaging Details: Wooden Package
Delivery Time: After 7-20 Days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 10 Set / Month
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Detail Information

Product Name: Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Application: Cutting
Certification: CE, ISO Cooling Mode: Water Cooling
Engraving Area: 2000*4000mm Cnc Or Not: Yes
Graphic Format Supported: DXF,PLT,AI ETC Cutting Thickness: Materials,15mm
High Light:

IPG Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


3M Rotating Tube Laser Cutting Machine


2000W Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Product Description

2000 W IPG Laser Source Plate And 3 M Rotation Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Product Information:


The laser cutting machine is to focus the laser light emitted from the laser into a high-power density laser beam through the optical path system. The laser beam irradiates the surface of the workpiece to make the workpiece reach the melting point or boiling point, and the high-pressure gas coaxial with the beam blows away the molten or vaporized metal. With the movement of the relative position of the beam and the workpiece, the material will finally form a slit, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting.


Product Data:










Air pressure




Focus position


Cutting height (mm)















1 25










n2/ 10 1.5S 0 1
2 9 Air 10 2. OS -1 0.5
2 5.2   1. 6 1.0D +3 0. 8
3 4.2   0.6 1.0D +3 0.8
4 3   0.6 1.0D +3 0.8
5 2.2   0.6 1.2D +3 0.8
6 1.8   0.6 1.2D +3 0.8
8 1.3   0.5 2. 0D +2. 5 0.8
10 1.1 O2 0.5 2. 0D +2.5 0.8
12 0.9   0.5 2. 5D +2.5 0.8
14 0.8   0.5 3. 0D +2.5 0.8
16 0.7   0.6 3. 5D +2.5 0.8
18 0.5   0.6 4. 0D +3 0.8
20 0.4   0.6 4. 0D +3 0.8








1 28   10 1.5S 0 0.8
2 10   12 2. OS -1 0. 5
3 5   12 2. OS -1. 5 0. 5
4 3 N2 14 2. 5S -2 0. 5
5 2   14 3. OS -2.5 0.5
6 1.5   14 3. OS -3 0.5
8 0.6   16 3. OS -4 0. 5


Product Details:


1.American IPG advanced fiber laser generator: High beam quality output★High reliability, long service life Computer control interface.

2.Cypcut software system: High-speed and high-precision position closed loop ★High-speed gantry control/capacitance follow-up control.

3.Using pneumatic components, with low pressure Japanese SMC perforation, automatic ventilation, pressure detection and other functions.

4.Use Taiwan "YYC" rack.

5.Using Shimpo servo motor drive and imported transmission system to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the equipment.


3M Rotation Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 2000W IPG Laser Source 0


Product Advantage:


A. The cutting quality is good. Due to the small laser spot and high energy density, one laser cutting can obtain better cutting quality. The kerf of laser cutting is generally 0.1-0.2mm, the width of the heat-affected zone is small, the geometry of the kerf is good, and the cross section of the kerf is relatively regular rectangle. The cutting surface of laser cutting has no burrs, and the surface roughness R can generally reach above 12.5um. Laser cutting is even used as the last processing procedure. Generally, the cutting surface can be directly welded without further processing, and the parts can be used directly.


B. Fast cutting speed. The speed of laser cutting is relatively fast. For example, using 2KV laser power, the cutting speed of 8mm thick carbon steel is 1.6m/min, and the cutting speed of 2mm thick stainless steel is 3.5m/min. When laser cutting, the heat affected zone of the workpiece is small, the deformation is very small, and no clamping is required, which can save clamping fixtures and auxiliary time such as clamping.


C. There are many types of cutting materials. Compared with cutting methods such as oxygen-ethane cutting and plasma cutting, laser cutting can cut more types of materials, including metals, non-metals, metal-based and non-metal-based composite materials. For different materials, due to their own thermophysical properties and different absorption rates for lasers, they show different suitability for laser cutting.


D. Suitable for processing large products. The cost of mold manufacturing for large products is very high, laser processing does not require any molds, and laser processing completely avoids the collapse of the material when punching and shearing, which can greatly reduce the production cost of the enterprise and improve the quality of the product.


E. Clean, safe and pollution-free. In the laser cutting process, the noise is low, the vibration is small, and there is no pollution, which greatly improves the working environment of the operator.


F. Not susceptible to electromagnetic interference. Unlike electron beam processing, laser processing is not sensitive to electromagnetic field interference and does not require a vacuum environment.

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