• Cnc 3015 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 20MM Thickness
  • Cnc 3015 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 20MM Thickness
Cnc 3015 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 20MM Thickness

Cnc 3015 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 20MM Thickness

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Honest
Certification: CE ISO
Model Number: HN - 1530

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: 18000-30000usd
Packaging Details: Wooden Package
Delivery Time: 10-20 wooking days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 10set/month
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Detail Information

Laser Type: Fiber Laser Application: LASER CUTTING
Cooling Mode: Water Cooling Condition: New
Cutting Thickness: 20 MM Cnc Or Not: Yes
Cutting Area: 1500mm*3000mm Laser Power: 1KW-20KW
High Light:

Cnc 3015 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


20MM Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Product Description

3015 Improve Production Efficiency Exchange Platform Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Product Overview


Fiber laser cutting machine is a laser cutting machine using fiber laser generator as light source. Fiber laser is a new type of fiber laser developed in the world, which outputs high energy density laser beam and aggregates on the surface of workpiece. It instantly melts and vaporized the area of the workpiece which is illuminated by the ultra-fine focus spot, and automatically cuts through the position of the moving spot of the numerical control mechanical system. Compared with gas lasers and solid-state lasers with huge volume, it has obvious advantages and has gradually developed into an important candidate in the fields of high-precision laser processing, lidar system, space technology, laser medicine and so on.


Working area
According to demands
Maxim running speed
Laser wavelength
1080 nm
Minimum cutting line width
Rated output power
Repeated positioning accuracy of worktable
Maximum load of worktable
Z axis travel
Machine power
Power supply
Red light positioning
X/Y axis positioning accuracy
X/Yaxis repeat positioning accuracy
X/Y axis repeat positioning accuracy
Maximum acceleration


Cnc 3015 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 20MM Thickness 0

Product Details

Cnc 3015 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 20MM Thickness 1

1. Raycus fiber laser Laser is the "power source" of the core of laser equipment. Like automobile engine, it is also an expensive component in fiber laser cutting machine. At present, fiber lasers on the market include German IPG, rofin, British SPI, American coherent, etc. with the development of technology, domestic lasers such as Ruike and Chuangxin are also emerging, which are gradually recognized by the market for their high cost performance.

For a long time, China's lasers basically rely on imports, which is expensive and has a long supply cycle, resulting in the high price of high-power fiber laser cutting machines. The emergence of a hundred flowers blooming situation for Chinese fiber laser manufacturers has broken the monopoly of foreign enterprises in the laser field and directly lowered the price of imported products.

2. Raytools cutting head The cutting head is the laser output device of the optical fiber laser cutting machine. It is composed of nozzle, focusing lens and focusing tracking system. The cutting head of the laser cutting machine will walk according to the set cutting path, but the height of the laser cutting head needs to be adjusted and controlled under the conditions of different materials, different thicknesses and different cutting methods.
3. Cypcut CNC system The control system is the leading operating system of the fiber laser cutting machine. It mainly controls the machine tool to realize the movement of X, y and Z axes, and also controls the output power of the laser. Its quality determines the stability of the operation performance of the fiber laser cutting machine. Through the accurate control of the software, the accuracy and cutting effect can be effectively improved. At present, Beckhoff CNC system, PA CNC system and farian card system are commonly used.
4. HIWIN / Yaskawa servo motor The motor of laser cutting machine is the core component of the motion system. The performance of the motor directly affects the product processing effect and production efficiency. At present, the commonly used motors include stepping motor and servo motor. Appropriate motors are configured according to the industry type and product type of the processing object.
Stepper motor: fast starting speed, sensitive response, suitable for engraving and cutting with low requirements. The price is low. There are many brands of stepping motors with different performance. Servo motor: fast speed, stable movement, high load and stable performance; The edge of the processed product is smooth and the cutting speed is fast; High price, suitable for industries and products with high processing requirements.
5. Welding machine Fiber laser cutting machine requires very high stability of machine tool. High precision and high stability machine tool is conducive to improve the accuracy of laser cutting. At present, the mainstream machine tools in the market include gantry type, cantilever type and beam type. Different machine tools have different functions. For example, beam type machine tools are mainly used for material cutting of large manufacturers, and there are also models used in specific fields, such as three-dimensional fiber laser cutting, which are mainly used in the automotive industry.
Cnc 3015 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 20MM Thickness 2

1. Laser cutting machine for automobile manufacturing. Many links in the automobile manufacturing industry can be solved by laser cutting machine. Car doors, body, floor, hood, rear cover, airbag, etc. and some small parts can be processed by laser cutting machine.

2. Hardware laser cutting machine. There are a lot of hardware products, such as bathroom hardware, hotel daily hardware, hardware accessories, hardware crafts, etc., all can be processed by laser cutting machine.
3. Kitchenware laser cutting machine. There are many kinds of kitchenware. Laser cutting machine can meet all kinds of customized production. Whether it is mass production or small batch personalized production, it can be produced as long as there are drawings.
4. Sheet metal laser cutting machine. Many manufacturers only make sheet metal processing, not finished products, then laser cutting machine can be said to be a very good solution, manpower and material costs can be significantly reduced, as long as there is an order, it can start operation immediately.
5. Advertising laser cutting machine. Due to more customization in the advertising industry, the efficiency of using traditional methods is very low. The laser cutting machine will satisfy you no matter how thick the plate is or how many glyphs are.
6. Lighting laser cutting machine. Now there are many kinds of lighting, creating a different home environment. For personalized lighting material cutting, laser cutting machine is very good at all kinds of carving and hollowing.
7. Fitness equipment laser cutting machine. The continuous expansion of the fitness team has brought tremendous business opportunities for fitness equipment manufacturers. Many fitness equipment enterprises are keeping pace with the market development situation, increasing technological innovation, improving production technology, improving product quality and enhancing product market competitiveness.
Company information
Cnc 3015 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 20MM Thickness 3
Honest Laser, the pioneer and leader of laser industrial application in China, is an authoritative provider of laser processing solutions in the world. Comprehensive layout laser intelligent equipment, measurement and automation production line, factory construction wisdom, provide overall solution for intelligent manufacturing. We provide rich, fully functional fiber laser cutting machine, with its powerful cutting ability, high cutting speed and excellent stability authority technology awards for many times, industry wide application. Fully meet the needs of sheet metal processing industry, power laser cutting machine into the new era.

HN series, "flew" cutting speed, a new generation of economical type optical fiber laser cutting machine, easy to meet the needs of various industries; Core source and independent production, with new technology solutions, investment income growth clients to solve problems of low and high cost of equipment maintenance.

Widely used equipment, engineering machinery, automobile manufacturing, sheet metal cutting, fitness equipment, machine tools, and other fields, from global customers high praise.

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