Characteristics of fiber laser cutting machine

November 30, 2021

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Back in the last century seventy In the s, laser was first used for cutting. In modern industrial production, laser cutting is more widely used in the processing of sheet metal and other materials.
In the next few years, the application of laser cutting in precision machining and micromachining will also increase substantially.
laser cutting
When the focused laser beam shines on the workpiece, the irradiation area will rise sharply to melt or gasify the material. Once the laser beam penetrates the workpiece, the cutting process begins: the laser beam moves along the contour line and melts the material at the same time. A jet stream is usually used to blow the melt away from the incision, leaving a narrow gap between the cutting part and the plate frame, which is almost the same width as the focused laser beam.
laser power
The laser power shall match the processing type, material type and thickness. The power must be high enough that the power density on the workpiece exceeds the machining threshold.
Higher laser power can cut thicker materials
Cutting speed
The laser power and cutting speed must match each other. Too fast or too slow cutting speed will lead to the increase of roughness and the formation of burrs.
The cutting speed decreases with the increase of plate thickness
Evaluation factors of laser cutting quality
There are many criteria for judging the edge quality of laser cutting. Standards such as burr form, depression and grain can be determined with the naked eye; Perpendicularity, roughness and notch width need to be measured by special instruments. Material deposition, corrosion, heat affected zone and deformation are also important factors to measure the quality of laser cutting.
Good cutting, bad cutting. Standard for evaluating cutting edge quality
Broad prospects
The continuous success of laser cutting is beyond the reach of most other processing. This trend continues today. In the future, the application prospect of laser cutting will be more and more broad.