Product structure and working principle of fiber laser cutting machine

February 15, 2022

Latest company news about Product structure and working principle of fiber laser cutting machine

The main components of the F series CNC laser cutting machine are: the main engine part of the machine tool, the control system, the laser, the chiller, the exhaust fan, etc. Except for the exhaust fan and the refrigerating machine, all the above parts have their own manuals or operation manuals. Here, the main structure and composition of the main engine part and the electrical control system are explained in detail.

Machine tool host part: The machine tool host part is the most important part of the entire laser cutting machine. The cutting function and cutting accuracy of the laser cutting machine are realized by the host part. The host part consists of the bed, laser, beam part, Z axis. It consists of six parts: device, workbench, auxiliary parts (protective cover, pneumatic system, water cooling system, lubrication system), and operating table.

Electrical control part: The electrical control system of the laser cutting machine is an important part to ensure the running trajectory of various graphics. The general electrical control system is mainly composed of a numerical control system and a low-voltage electrical system. The CNC system of this machine tool is equipped with CypCut high-end CNC system, which is based on WINDOWS operating platform, with stable and reliable operation, including 32-bit microprocessor and Ethernet communication interface; the system has fast interpolation operation speed, convenient operation, and good dynamic performance. Strong load capacity and so on.

The control part of the low-voltage electrical system is located in the electrical control cabinet, which is the interface part of the electrical control of the whole machine. Various original components of the electrical system are produced by well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers to ensure that the whole machine is stable and reliable in operation and has a sensitive response. The drive motor is an AC servo motor, which is used to drive the X-axi